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Master 5 tips Choose the best bathroom cabinet for you

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The size of the bathroom cabinet depends on the size of the cabinet basin and can be selected according to the size of the bathroom.

    Start with the measurement, to see how many positions to place the bathroom cabinet is appropriate. In general, the length will be more important, and the width will not affect a lot. In general, the shopping guide will first ask the consumer how big the bathroom cabinet is, and then provide the selected samples, and then look at the price after picking.
Storage function
    The storage function is one of the core functions of the bathroom cabinet, which makes the space orderly.
    Ingenious structural design, greater space utilization has become the trend of modern bathroom cabinets. The mirror cabinet is combined, and the storage cabinet is increased by using the wall surface, and is selected according to the actual situation of the bathroom.
Selection of plates
    The rubber solid wood has good moisture and pressure resistance and is the superior material for the bathroom cabinet.
    The advantages and disadvantages of the bathroom cabinet have the most direct relationship with the material. PVC board is colorful but has poor resistance to stretching and is easy to deform; stainless steel has excellent waterproof and moisture resistance, but the style is more monotonous; high-end bathroom cabinets prefer rubber solid wood, thick material, natural texture, excellent moisture resistance, long-lasting durable. Advantages and disadvantages of the type of bathroom cabinet material
Quality hardware accessories
    Handles, door hinges, mirror lights and other hardware accessories affect the service life of the bathroom cabinet.
    Hardware accessories are also one of the key factors to consider when selecting a bathroom cabinet. The handle of high-strength zinc alloy is more durable and the surface is bright and lustrous; the hinges and guide rails with silent damping are closed and no noise, and more humanized. These can be carefully watched when you purchase.
choice of style   
    Modern sanitary wares are not only satisfied with practical needs, but different styles of bathroom cabinets have emerged to meet people's different psychological needs.
    The modern minimalist style bathroom cabinet discards some exaggerated and complicated design elements, and the simple lines make people feel very comfortable. The Chinese classical style bathroom cabinets often use thick texture and deep color to highlight the atmosphere and calmness, overflowing with honor. And luxury, is a symbol of quality, but also a reflection of style. While the classical style pays attention to practicality, it also combines the gorgeous appearance, the intricate carving, the tireless decoration, and the natural marble washbasin, revealing an antique taste. Consumers can choose according to their own preferences and mix and match with other furniture.
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